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The Polk County Economic/Industrial Development Corporation, the County of Polk, the Cities within the County, the School Districts and Angelina College, all recognize the need for a greater educational opportunity beyond high school in Polk County. Greater educational access will provide an opportunity for economic development within the county and surrounding area and provide for a better quality of life for its residents.

The Commerce Center will provide a much needed facility for Polk County and the surrounding counties to have events locally such as graduation exercises, large banquets, business conferences, and social and civic organization meetings. The majority of all Polk County events with over 200 attendees now must be planned outside of the county . The revenue that the Commerce Center events bring into the county will create jobs and a substantial economic development impact for the area.

This is a 30,000 square feet complex with the college occupying approximately 20,000 square feet and the remaining 10,000 dedicated to the commerce center auditorium.

Angelina College will operate and manage the college center and offer a full two year college curriculum and will work with other universities including Sam Houston State University and Stephen F. Austin University to offer some four year degree courses.


Polk County Higher Education & Technology Foundation
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